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"Actors of Change 1.0" was a European Voluntary Service project carried during 1 year, in Arad and Timișoara. The idea of this project started from the so-called "Refugee Crisis" and the distorted perception society has about the refugees present within the European Union. The solution proposed by us, through this project, was to change society's perception of migrants and promote diversity among, as many youngsters in the local community as possible. These youngsters acquired the necessary skills to pass on information, thus becoming promoters of positive changes. The project involved 8 volunteers from Spain, Italy, and Turkey who carried out activities in schools, centers, and refugee camps. The results obtained were disseminated through TV shows, an evs-talk organized by the volunteers, or through multiple appearances in the local press.

We achieved great results during this project as two of the volunteers permanently lived and worked in AIDROM Timisoara, where they gave a hand and organized several integration activities for refugees and migrants weekly.