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Another volunteering stage has come to an end today! The #ActorsOfChange 2.0 volunteers said their goodbyes today and are heading to their homes. 
We are sad they leave, but we hope they carry some of the best memories from Arad!
During their work in Arad, they planned and conducted workshops aiming for a less discriminatory community, disseminated and analyzed them, and had a big impact on the kids they've worked with in all these months.
We thank them for their effort and time they've carefully put in, wish them good luck and also, hope to see them soon!

Here you have the youngsters' and volunteers' testimonials, showing the impact of the work from these months:

Javier and Ruben are two "Actors of Change" volunteers that live and work in AIDROM Timisoara .
Here is what they say about their work in the last two and a half months:
"Our activities in Timisoara are of two types. First, we assist in preparing and organizing the activities taking place in AIDRom, a Romanian NGO that provides support for asylum-seekers and immigrants. These activities range from movie nights or karaoke to international cafes, fostering the social integration of these persons. Likewise, we also assist in the refugee camp located in the north of the city. Here we provide language lessons and logistical assistance when bringing food and organizing humanitarian assistance."

1 out of 3 pupils in Arad was the victim of "bullying." The main targets of the phenomenon are students who are "different". We are not only talking about them belonging to a vulnerable group but rather about a physical aspect or behavior that is different from most: pupils wearing glasses, being overweight, dressing differently, pupils who are shyer, have an academic performance above or below average, do not get engaged in same activities as their peers, etc. Three-quarters of all identified situations have such factors as the cause.

It's not a simple statistic! There are nearly 6,000 children and young people for whom the school is synonymous with fear! 6,000 destinies fighting aggression or daily humiliation!

In January, Mert, Teresa, and Judit participated in the "Closer to Eminescu" Contest, held at Secondary School "Mihai Eminescu" in Arad. Each of the participants had the option to choose between 2 workshops: literary creation and artistic-plastic creation.

Our volunteers recited poetries in their native language from Eminescu's work, giving an international meaning to the contest as well.

We were happy to be a part of this tradition and hope the volunteers now have a better understanding of who Mihai Eminescu was, the literary work he has put together for many years, and the importance this poet has to our country.

The "Closer to Eminescu" Contest gathered each year participants from all around the country, lovers of culture. The contest is registered in CAEN 2020 and became a tradition of the Secondary School "Mihai Eminescu" in Arad.

Our volunteers of the Actors of Change 2.0 project just uploaded some articles on their volunteering blog

Check it out and see what they are up to in Arad